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Old One Rupee Note

INR $100,000.00(Fixed)


Welcome, buyer!

If you are looking for Old/Antique Rs. 1, Rs. 2, Rs.5, Rs.10, Rs.50 Paper Currency Note(s) – you found the right person/place for that. 1,00,000 INR is the price for ONE Antique-One-Rupee-Note to start with. If interested, please contact me over this email, and I will send a secure email with pictures of the collectible you are interested in. Here’s some good news too – 50‰ off if you act immediately by 4th, September’21 midnight (IST). Better yet, optionally, you can JUST pay half at the time of buying and the rest after receiving your collectible in good condition (-Money back guaranteed, if otherwise). 

Now, here’s some previously undisclosed or now updated (3rd, September’21) information of this bidding link (in triple quotes) below that should be of interest to you. 


Here’s one first thing that I haven’t disclosed before : I have this policy for interested serious buyers like yourself – “60 days money back guarantee as part of ‘buyer’s satisfaction’ policy” of mine, if unsatisfied/unhappy after the trial duration of 60 days. I would say you try out my Antique Currencie(s) [Indian Rupee] for about 60 days – if for whatever reasons (no questions asked), you are unsatisfied/unhappy about my antique collectible(s)/product(s) – you can claim your money back (that has been collected as damage insurance during the try out period of 60 days) and it’s all yours. Even better, you may also get to keep the product/collectible if the reasons behind your unsatisfaction have proper grounds/explanations. 

Here’s another thing that I haven’t disclosed before in the description of my bidding link, – 

While Antique/Old One Rupee Note is priced at 100,000 INR, Old/Antique Two Rupee Note is priced, 200,000 INR. Likewise, Old Five Rupee Note is 500,000 INR and so forth for other Old 10 Rupee and Old 50 Rupee Paper Currency Notes. You get the idea. Of course, again, for serious interested buyers like yourself – I do have some early bird discounts/offers if acted immediately without any further ado against Antique Two Rupee Note(s) and so forth. You take your pick.

Thank you! Have a good day! 

PS : My preferred mode of payments are mentioned in the description of my profile page/link.

Additional Details

Release Year 1980
Country Of Origin India
Condition Mint Condition
Date Added September 2, 2021
Listing ID 314564