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Boosting Packages

Increase the visibility of your showcase listings with featuring or bumping.

Silver Boost

  • Featured Showcase: 1
  • Bump-up Showcase: 3
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Platinum Boost

  • Featured Showcase: 5
  • Bump-up Showcase: 18
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a Showcase?

    A CollectibleBay Showcase is a post on CollectibleBay. Showcase types include Collection Displays, For Sale Listings, Wanted Listings and Trade Listings.

  • What is a Bump-Up?

    A Bump-up is a way to increase your Showcase's rank in our Search Results. For example if your Showcase is titled "Coin for Sale" and there are several other showcases with similar titles, your showcase will show up above other results if you bump it.

  • What is a Featured Showcase?

    If you decide to flag your showcase as featured, it will be displayed on high visibility areas of CollectibleBay. Featured Showcases are displayed as featured for 30 days.