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Freddy Krueger (Collector Edition)

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    Manufacturer Sideshow Collectibles
    Edition Type Limited Edition
    Org. Retail Price USD $200


    Character Freddy Krueger
    Variant Collector Edition (2 Variants)


    Scale 1/6 Scale
    Height 12-Inch
    Weight 2.00 lbs

    Additional Details

    SKU 100359
    UPC 747720231184
    CID 51832

    Meta Data

    Date Submitted January 1, 2018
    Submitted by CollectibleBay

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    Increased Market value.
    Limited Edition Collectible.


    This Sixth Scale Collectible of Freddy Krueger is an addition to Sideshow Collectibles’ “Nightmare on Elm Street” Series. The Collector Edition variant of Freddy Krueger is presented in Sideshow Collectibles’ “Sixth Scale Figure” Figure Format and stands 12 inches tall, while weighing aproximately 2.00 lbs. The original retail price is USD $199.99.


    • A fully realized portrait of Freddy Krueger based on his appearance in A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors
    • Detailed and weathered fabric costume including:
    • One (1) Freddy’s iconic sweater
    • One (1) pair of pants
    • Five (5) interchangeable hands featuring:
      – Two (2) unique gloved hands (one open and one gesture hand)
      – Three (3) ungloved hands (open hand, fist, pointing hand)
    • One (1) pair of boots

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    Estimated Value

    Min ($252)Max ($385)

    Purchase Price History

    Date Price Condition Format Country Platform
    Date: 2020-05-24 Price: $385 New Auction Canada Platform: ebay
    Date: 2020-05-23 Price: $252 New Auction United States Platform: ebay
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    Value Increased Valued at $252 to $385.


    Jun 28, 2020 5.1/10 Popularity Score