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Guile Ultimate

Street Fighter
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    Manufacturer Pop Culture Shock
    Edition Type Limited Edition
    Edition Size 350
    Org. Retail Price USD $850


    Character Guile
    Collection Street Fighter
    Sub-Type Statue


    Scale 1/4 Scale
    Height 21-Inch
    Width 17-Inch
    Depth 24-Inch

    Additional Details

    SKU 9034354
    UPC 656793636621
    CID 38686

    Meta Data

    Date Submitted May 26, 2018
    Submitted by CollectibleBay


    Limited Edition Collectible.
    Only 350 pieces made.


    This Quarter Scale Collectible of Guile is an addition to Pop Culture Shock’s “Street Fighter” Series. Guile Ultimate is presented in Pop Culture Shock’s Statue Format and stands 21 inches tall, with a dept of 24 inches. This low-edition size collectible is Super Rare as it is limited to a mere 350 pieces. The original retail price is USD $849.99.


    • Classic Portrait
    • Sunglasses Portrait
    • Street Fighter II Portrait
    • Sonic Boom Portrait
    • Sonic Boom Torso (Green)
    • Ready Stance Torso (Green)
    • Ready Stance Torso (Blue)
    • Swap out Legs/Boots (Green)
    • Swap out Legs/Boots (Blue)
    • Real Fabric Shirt
    • Real Fabric Pants
    • Mixed Media Belt
    • Environmental Base
    • Removable Smoke Effect
    • Removable Crate Accessory
    • Removable Soda Cans Accessory
    • Removable Boombox Accessory
    • Black Museum Style Base
    • Alternate Portrait Display Stand
    • Torso Stand
    • 1:1 Dog Tags
    • Certificate of Authenticity

    Purchase Price History

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    May 10, 2020 #21 Trending


    Aug 13, 2020 10/10 Popularity Score
    May 17, 2020 9.0/10 Popularity Score